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Pay Attention to the Details of the Fantasy Feud Review

Welcome to this Fantasy Feud review, the purpose of which is to provide you with a concise, yet precise overview of Fantasy Feud – one of the significant players in the field of daily fantasy sports sites! The way this article is structured is: we start by introducing the basic and most important facts related to Fantasy Feud, then we move on to presenting how to play. Last but not least you can also check multiple details that refer to the website experience, legalities, promotions and other aspects that can be useful for you as a potential player.

Our Overview

There are various features of Fantasy Feud that are worth our attention in this Fantasy Feud review. First, the site provides players with the opportunity not only to take part in daily and weekly games but also to join season long leagues and the new Survivor format multi-week challenge. Second, the web interface was updated and improved which once again can be considered a symbol of Fantasy Feud‘s striving for growth and innovation. Third, it is effortless to use the site, and when it comes to contests, tons of active ones can be found all the time in a glimpse of an eye. The contests you can choose from include MLB, NFL, NBA, PGA, NHL, college football, and basketball, as a result of which any gamer can come across a sport and a type of game that meet their needs and expectations. Having this in mind, it is no wonder that thousands of users have already joined the site, most of which are extremely active during the NFL season. While this is usual as far as daily fantasy sports are concerned, we need to admit that in the case of Fantasy Feud there is a lot going on all the time. One of the factors that contribute to that has to do with the appealing payouts amounting to $2.5 million in 2014, more than $1 million of which went to NFL contests alone.

how to play at the sports site of fantasy feud

Apart from the remarkably wide range of game options available for Fantasy Feud users, there is one more point of differentiation that stands out: the salary structure. No other fantasy site offers such daily, multi-day and season long leagues similar to the ones of sites such as Yahoo Pro League. Fantasy Feud has adapted the standard NFL “Pick-Em” challenge, based on which a survivor contest was created. What is specific about such types of games, is that gamers join a contests that lasts for a couple of weeks, during which they select three different players per week (one QB, one RB, and one WR). Once used, each player can no longer be part of the rest of the contests. To succeed, as a player, you need to outscore your competitor’s three-man rosters every week. Otherwise, players in the bottom of the league get eliminated with “survivors” playing on. The reason why we consider the salary structure specific and more challenging in comparison to the rest of the sites in the industry has to do with the fact that you are provided with a bigger salary cap. On the one hand, it may seem as if it should be easier since you have more money available. On the contrary, however, the challenge is to be wise when drafting the players in your team in order not to spend all your resources too early. Therefore, it is recommendable to benefit from the research tools of Fantasy Feud that enable you to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting players. After all, it is also very convenient to be capable of doing research at the last minute if you need so. Instead of having access to standard player updates and breaking news, when using Fantasy Feud you can utilise a tab with a few handy tools: up to date injury reports, Matchup information, as well as stadium weather forecasts and a list of the current player salaries. Let us now continues with the main part of our Fantasy Feud Review.

How To Play At Fantasy Feud Review

After our detailed overview we will continue this Review of Fantasy Feud with some basic instructions on how to play. Although DraftKings and FanDuel remain the two giants in the daily fantasy sites industry, we cannot deny that through their site redesign Fantasy Feud has managed to get closer to being considered an equally qualitative and preferred option. Despite the similar format, the cleaner interface enables clients to use the site with a much bigger ease. For instance, it does not take any time or effort to be able to make a deposit or withdrawal. Also, the chat interface allows players to talk to one another and have a look at their profiles, in which way a community environment gets created. Another benefit of the opportunity to send both public and private chats refer to setting up a quick game whenever players are willing to do so. No other site provides its users with this feature.

why sports punters enjoy the fantasy feud review

Let us now have a look at the main steps you need to undertake to use Fantasy Feud. They include signing up, making a deposit, choosing a contest, drafting a team, as well as withdrawing funds. This Fantasy Feud Review continues with the basic steps you should take. We will go now through all of them one by one to outline the main specifics to keep in mind.

Step 1 – Sign Up

We already said that using the site of Fantasy Feud is incredibly easy. And signing up is no exception. As you can probably guess, you need to add some basic information about yourself, as well as an email address, after which you will receive a verification email almost straightaway. The process is complete when you open it and click on the link that is to be found inside.

Step 2 – Make a Deposit

Once you have signed up, it is time to make your deposit. Again the process is very easy and intuitive: you click on the cashier tab and get transferred to a page that enables you to define your preferred deposit amount. As far as payment methods are concerned, as usual, you can choose between a credit card and PayPal. If you have a promo code, make sure to enter it before you confirm. Also, we encourage you to keep in mind to cash in on the free money.

Step 3 – Contests

Getting your deposit made allows you to move on to the next step which relates to choosing a contest (from the infamous NHL, NBA or NFL leagues) you would like to join. Thanks to the new interface, this part is considered to be one of the most exciting ones. Not only are you capable of filtering the lobby by sport, contest type, prizes and duration of the contest, but you can also use as a criterion the buy-in amount. Taking into consideration that each of us can afford to invest a different budget, having access to such a feature is quite nice, isn‘t it? Apart from filtering, you can use the lobby to sort the contests by some entries and buy-in.

Step 4 – Draft a Team

how to draft a team at fantasy feud via lineups

Now that we know how to select a contest, it is worth spending a minute on clarifying what it takes to draft a team. When it comes to this step, there are no significant differences between Fantasy Feud and other sites, especially DraftKings. You can see your roster, as well as the pool of possible players on the right side of the screen and as we already mentioned above, you are free to sort players by multiple criteria.

Similar to drafting players, scoring is also typical. There is a half point PPR system without bonuses for yardage or completion totals. It is advisable to get clear about the scoring rules before you start playing and the FAQ section can be quite a useful source of information in this case.

Step 5 – Withdrawal

When it comes to withdrawing money, it is not a rocket science, neither. Go to the cashier page, click on the “WITHDRAW” button and once you get transferred to the respective page, select your desired method of withdrawal: check or PayPal.

We have now covered the basic steps. Continue reading our Fantasy Feud review to learn more on other important topics.

Website Interface, Design, Mobile App

Our Fantasy Feud Review continues with an overview on the website experience. This is the third time when we are about to emphasise on how user-friendly the interface of Fantasy Feud is. The bright backgrounds and good sized fonts contribute to the fact that you can easily read each screen. Also, there are multiple nice info videos providing you with all you need to know to be able to start playing any of the available games. Even if we must admit that there is not always a match between the columns and the headers, all in all, it is highly unlikely to face any challenges regarding navigating the contest lobby and drafting a team. If we recommended anything to be improved, it would have to do with removing the slightly irritating message asking whether you are sure you want to leave the web page each time when clicking on a new link. Other than that, it is very nice to try out the survivor contests that resemble the “Pick-Em” games. The survivor leagues are exactly what to go for if you happen to be bored with the typical leagues.

what are the features of the fantasy feud mobile app

Another aspect of the website experience revolves around the design. Moreover, our Fantasy Feud review would not be complete if we do not look at it.In the case of Fantasy Feud, it is worth mentioning how more appealing the site has become once a significant percentage of the ads were removed. There are no big differences between the design of Fantasy Feud, DraftKings, and FanDuel, and at the same time, it is nice that you can easily read every single detail on the page thanks to the good size of the fonts.

Unlike the other two giants among fantasy sites, Fantasy Feud has not released a mobile application that is available for Windows Phones. Moreover, this is considered to be a drawback having in mind how developed mobile technology is nowadays. However, we must admit that there was an advertisement regarding an app for Android that does not differ significantly from the mobile website. In spite of that, it is worth mentioning that the mobile site itself is quite user-friendly regarding navigation and getting what you need to be done: entering contests, navigating the lobby, drafting a team, and making edits. If you have a mobile device like iPhone, keep in mind that to use the mobile view you might need to switch to the landscape mode. The reason for that has to do with the fact that the updated website is still in the process of getting coded for the vertical view.


Although there are some improvements to be made when it comes to the mobile application and mobile site of Fantasy Feud, we cannot neglect the fact that customer support is one of its advantages. You can get answers to simple questions right away thanks to the available online chat. Emailed requests for support get addressed quite quickly, too. As we previously mentioned, community environment is something Fantasy Feud aims at building and providing a qualitative customer support is a significant part of the process.


There are a lot of potential and current gamers who question whether playing at Fantasy Feud or any other fantasy site is legal. To keep it short and simple, let us say that it is legal unless you live in some of the US states, where it is forbidden due to the understanding that unlike gambling sites, playing at fantasy sports sites (for matches from the NBA, the NHL or the NFL) require skills rather than luck.

Available Promotions

does fantasy feud offer many sports promotions

Our favorite part of this Fantasy Feud review is the promotions section. The Fantasy Football Survivor Contests are a good place to start from if you happen to be searching for an amusing NFL game. As you can probably guess, survivor means that to win you will need to survive during all the 16 weeks. What you need to do so that you can enter the contest is paying the respective fee. Moreover, as far as the amount of the fee is concerned, when defining you preferred size, keep in mind that the more you invest, the bigger your potential prize will be. Once you have joined such a contest, you will need to select three players for each of the NFL season weeks: one quarterback, one running back, and one wide receiver. Pay attention to two requirements related to the process of choosing players: (1) a player can be chosen only once during the contest; (2) you cannot select players from the same team during one single week. Regarding scoring, there are no significant differences between this type of contests and any basic fantasy football games. There are no tight ends, kickers, or team defences in this game. Every passing touchdown brings 4 points to a quarterback and when it comes to passing yards, each of them is associated with a score of 0.04 points. In the same time throwing an interception brings a loss of 2 points. As far as running backs are concerned, they get 6 points for every rushing touchdown and 0.1 points for every rushing yard. When it comes to wide receivers, they get 0.5 points for every reception, 0.1 points for per receiving yard, as well as 6 points for every receiving touchdown. It is interesting to notice that running backs can gain receiving points, too. Also, regardless of the position, all players lose 2 points if they happen to fumble a ball. Last, but not least, a 2-point conversion is associated with an increase in your score amounting to 2 points.

Now our Fantasy Feud Review will focus on the contest. Apart from this survivor format, there are tons of other contests available at Fantasy Feud, some of which cost just $1 and can lead to a win between $43 and $360. What is more, you can also join a contest which requires an entry fee of $5.50 and can bring you a prize of $560. If you are willing to invest $22, your potential winning will equal $2,240. Moreover, last, but not least, an entry fee of $55 is associated with a prize pool of $2,400. No matter which contest of the listed above you go for, fun and excitement are guaranteed. However, prizes will be won only by the ones who manage to survive in the end.

NFL Special Bets

are there special nfl bets at fantasy feud

When we talk about game options, we need to also pay attention to NFL Season Long Leagues. What is specific about the rules here, is that the team you draft remains the same not throughout the whole season, but throughout the respective week. Also, keep in mind that games that are held on Thursdays are not part of the league. The total score of each gamer consists of all individual weekly totals. This means that you are free to do a five-week run for your league or to start playing later (in week 10) to have a chance of earning the winnings. As far as winnings are concerned, the champion is defined by the highest accumulated point total at the end of week 14 and gets 30% of the entire prize pool. There are also the so-called weekly winners whose prize amounts to 70% of the pool for that specific week. In addition to the cash prize, winning a season league provides you with the chance of playing in the NFL Feud of Champions. Moreover, in regards to the size of the prize, it is determined by the amount of money you are willing to invest as an entry fee: $22 can bring a prize of $40 whereas an entry fee of $525 is associated with a prize of $1,000. You are the one to choose wisely based on your individual reality.

We already mentioned the Feud of Champions earlier in this Fantasy Feud review. The way in which you can earn a seat in this contest is by finishing first or second in the Season Long Showdown. If you ask yourself what is so special and attractive about being part of the Feud of Champions, let us share with you that this is the place where you can get the opportunity to win the highest possible cash prizes by competing against the best players of the season. What else could a player in the Season Long Showdown aim at?

Rewards Program

After we have gained an overview of the current promotions, the only thing left to take into consideration in this Fantasy Feud review is the rewards program of Fantasy Feud. The logic is simple: the more frequently you play, the more you get rewarded. Right now there are some advancements that are about to be introduced. However, what is still clear is that you get a $10 per referral bonus, which is quite generous in comparison to what you can receive if you choose another site. To get this bonus, you need to be a registered user of Fantasy Feud and to bring the respective new users to the website into your account.

To Sum Up Betting at Fantasy Feud

is betting money at fantasy feud worth it

Time has come to bring our Fantasy Feud review to an end. Based on all aspects we took into consideration, we can conclude that Fantasy Feud is an attractive alternative when it comes to fantasy sites. Thanks to the redesigned website that is easy to navigate and the constant striving for growth and improvement, the site is attracting more and more users to its family. Even if there are some imperfections to be taken care of (like the mobile website and app), there is no doubt that the qualitative customer support, strong community environment, nice design, huge variety of games, unique salary structure, tempting promotions, contests and rewards make Fantasy Feud a significant player in the field of fantasy sites. Therefore, we encourage you to have it in mind when choosing a preferred website to join and hopefully this Fantasy Feud review has helped you get an overview of all aspects that might be interesting and relevant.

Check this Fantasy Feud review for the newest releases and updates!

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