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Use the Betting Offers of the Fanduel Review

Welcome to this Fanduel Review – the place to be if you would like to learn all that you need to know about one of the most remarkable daily fantasy sites ever so that you can make an informed decision whether to go for it or not. FanDuel is a leader among the daily fantasy sports sites not only in the United States but also on the global market. Therefore, it has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, FOX Sports, ESPN and New York Times for being the site to choose if you want to take part in both 1-week and 1-day fantasy sports contest.


Rating: 4.8/5

$200 Bonus

Overview of Fanduel

It is not a coincidence that we called FanDuel one of the most remarkable fantasy sites. In fact, FanDuel and DraftKings are the two sites that are considered to be the giants in the industry. There are millions of users that have already subscribed for FanDuel and participate in the huge amount of fantasy sports contests taking place on a daily basis, as a result of which the payouts for 2015 have reached more than $2 Billion. It is an impressive amount of money, isn‘t it? And the best part is that there is plenty of room for regular gamers like yourself to identify the right fit when it comes to the type of contest to go for and at the same time you can benefit from the amazing guaranteed prize pool (GPP) contests and monster prize pools. One of the events that are expected to contribute to the further increase of gamers using Fanduel is namely the announced partnership with the site with NBA. Apart from NBA, you can also play games for MLB, NHL, NFL, football and NCAA basketball at FanDuel. And as far as the types of contests are concerned, they include a wide range of options such as leagues, 50/50s, tournaments and head-to-head games.

why gamblers bet on the fanduel websiteIt is interesting to mention that first place prize provided by the site during the initial six weeks of the NFL season amounted to the amazing sum of $2 million, and when it comes to the total prize pool during just a single Fantasy Football Championship weekend, it reached $10 million. Ok, but what about other sports apart from NFL, one may ask. Well, we need to admit that there was a $1 million prize pool in more than one NBA contests this year, as well. And what is more, the winner in the Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship is about to receive $1 million as a prize.

Regarding the buy-ins, we can say that they vary. There are free contests, as well as contests requiring up to $10,000 to take part in them. If we have a look at the non-free contests, we will see that the most affordable options include buy-ins of a $1. Also, it is nice to know that the majority of the significant guaranteed prize pools (GPP) provide gamers with the opportunity to benefit from affordable satellites for entry. Having in mind the diversity of available game and buy-in options, it is not surprising that Fanduel is considered to be a preferred site for daily gamers.

If you happen to be a mobile fan, it will help you to know that you are capable of playing extremely easily via any type of a mobile device thanks to the FD Android and iPhone application. Another advantage is considered to be the 100% money back guarantee on your first $5 or $10 game that allows you to give their games a try without investing any real cash in advance. When it comes to legalities, the company‘s headquarters are situated in New York, and the countries where you are allowed to play are only Canada and the only US except the states Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New York and Washington. However, the daily fantasy site has managed to attract an amazing press coverage including Fox Sports, NY Times, SI, Yahoo! Sports and WSJ.

How to Play at Fanduel

Before we have a look at the specific steps you need to undertake to join Fanduel, and benefit from its opportunities, we would like to stress on the fact that the whole process is extremely simple. It involves signing up at the bookie, making a deposit, selecting a contest, drafting a team, checking the outcomes of the games and if you happen to win – withdrawing your winnings.

Let us start with the signing-up step. To join the site, you need to go to the home page where you will notice a big green button labeled “JOIN NOW”. As soon as you click on it, you will be guided through the sign-up steps that take seconds literally and includes filling in Full Name, Username, a password and an email. Pay attention to the fact that you will not be able to introduce changes to the username, later on, so take a minute before you choose your preferred one. It is easy, isn‘t it?

how to play fantasy football online at fanduelThe simplicity of the process, as well as ease of use, quality design, and intuitive behavior, belong to the main criteria based on which daily fantasy sports sites get evaluated. Regarding this requirements, Fanduel is considered to be an excellent choice. If there were a recommendation to be made, it would only refer to the way the promo code box is displayed – it could be made so that it does not require an additional click. After all, most players appreciate when they do not need to put additional efforts.

When it comes to the Fanduel, it is good to know that the lobby is the place to go to no matter what kind of info you are looking for. There are multiple tabs that are displayed in a row as part of the top section of your screen. Also, there is going to be an updated version of the lobby which will present player points recaps, as well as improved product offerings.

Pretty soon after you have signed up, you will reach the point when you need to make a deposit. The most relevant info you need to be clear about regarding deposits, for now, is that you can use PayPal or your credit card (MasterCard, Discover, Visa or American Express) and that the lowest amount to deposit equals $10.

The next step you need to undertake once you have made your deposit is selecting a contest. Taking into consideration the remarkable amount of leagues hosted by FanDuel daily, it is no wonder that the sorting feature is considered to be one of the most helpful support structures.

When you look at the top of the Fanduel page, you will notice the icons that represent the diverse types of sports (CFB, MLB, NFL, Nascar races and other). As you can probably guess, you need to click on the button that refers to the sport you want to take part in: “MLB” for professional baseball, “NFL” for professional football, etc. All options will be displayed unless your sport is out of season, in which case it will be found in the list of “NO OPEN GAMES.”

To be able to choose a contest, it is worth getting informed about the various types of contests that are available to choose from. If you look at the game listings, you will notice multiple buttons labeled “TOURNAMENTS”, “LEAGUES”, “HEAD TO HEADS” and “50/50s & MULTIPLIERS”, which enable you to sort by the type of contest.

When it comes to the contest section, there is no doubt that the FanDuel team has done its job in an extraordinary way enabling you to keep track of 100% of the competitions you have participated in so far, as well as keeping an eye on the most recent scoring of your players and others in your league. What is more, you are capable of checking both the profiles of the players and the winnings of other gamers.

Regarding sorting contests, take a note that you can sort by the entry fee required for you to take part in a contest. This will allow you to limit the number of options if you happen not to be willing to join contests with high entry fees, for example.

Important Details

find important details about the fanduel one day offerBefore we move on to the next step of the Fanduel Review, which is drafting a team, let us take a minute to clarify the most important details related to each contest. The title of each contest and the amount of the prize pool are displayed in the Lobby. If there is a small graphic in blue with a “G” on the right side of the title, this means that the contest is part of the guaranteed prize pool. If, on the other hand, you notice a small orange graphic with an “M”, have in mind that some of the other participants in the contest have made more than one entry.

Multiple columns from left to right present you with the opportunity to sort the contents by various further criteria. You can pick up “ENTRIES” to see some of the entries logged for the specific

contest you are interested in. In comparison to that, “ENTRY” relates to the entry fee that needs to be paid if a gamer is willing to participate in a contest. If you have joined a contest, there will be a green check in “ENTERED”. “SIZE” gives you information regarding some of the entries you can make per contest. “PRIZES” is associated with the prize pool whereas “STARTS (ET)” displays the starting time (Note: Eastern Standard Time). And when it comes to “ENTER”, this is the button to click to start drafting your team.

As far as this step of the process is concerned, it is more precise to say that as a gamer you do not draft but in fact select the players you would like to have as part of your team. No matter what kind of sport you are interested in, it is the same logic. You needed players for the diverse positions and based on the talent level of each player you will need to pay a specific salary to get them. In the process of filling your team, Fanduel Review will display the average salary per player available based on your salary cap. Let us give an example to illustrate how it works. Let us suppose that you still have to fill three positions and the salary cap space available amounts to $18,000. In this case, the site will indicate an average salary per player of $6,000. As soon as you are done with the drafting process without exceeding the salary cap, you are capable of entering the selected contest. However simple the drafting process may seem, make sure you check the rules and scoring related to the specific contest you are about to join since there might be significant differences from case to case.

If you are lucky enough to end up with more points than the rest of the players, you will find yourself making real cash. Flat payouts are available for gamers who manage to finish a 50/50s contest in the top half whereas a tiered payout system is associated with tournaments and leagues meaning that the higher you finish, the bigger your prize will be. When it comes to payouts, it is good to know that 100% of the displayed payouts are after having done with the accounting for taking a rake from every contestant. What makes it so relevant for you to be clear about the payout structure of each game, has to do with the fact that not only are there tremendous variations even when it comes to the same type of game, but also you need this information to be able to choose your strategy. For example, as a winner of any of the big prize pool tournaments, you will have the opportunity to benefit from a much higher percentage of the winnings in comparison to the situation in which you have decided to join a smaller tournament.


what are option for withdrawing cash at fanduelA process that goes hand in hand with winning is withdrawing. As we already mentioned, Fanduel has ensured that all the necessary operations are run with ease. Withdrawing is no exception. The only thing you need to do to withdraw your money is to click on the down arrow which is located near your username. Clicking on the withdraw button will transfer you to the withdrawal request screen. There are multiple methods you can choose from. If you happen to be willing to use checks, you will need to fill your name, the requested withdrawal amount, as well as your address and the withdrawal requests usually lasts between seven and ten business days. Take note that you might need to provide your mailing address and SSN before a withdrawal for tax purposes since for annual net winnings of more than $600 Fanduel Review is obliged to file a 1099-MISC tax form. Having in mind how responsible the site is when it comes to making sure that gamers are protected, it is not surprising that anti-fraud checks on playing patterns and deposits are conducted before any withdrawal gets processed. This provides gamers with the safety that they will be the only one able to receive their funds.

When it comes to additional withdrawal methods, as we said, you can also go for credit cards or PayPal. To use PayPal, you need to enter your PayPal email address and the dollar amount you would like to withdraw. The request will be processed within 48 hours during the week, and in the case of a request received during the weekend, you need to know that the process will be finalized on the next business day. Also, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it might be necessary to perform additional checks if the PayPal account you choose for withdrawing is not the same you used when you made your deposits.

Desktop Interface, Technology, and Mobile

does the fanduel app have a good interfaceWhen it comes to the desktop interface of Fanduel, we can‘t deny that not only is it easy to navigate and clean, but it also manages to support all types of machines virtually. In this way, it is effortless to have a look at the lobby, your individual history, as well as live and upcoming contests (games at the NHL, NBA, and NFL). In addition to this, you can use the down menu in order to accomplish any customization you would like to in regards to your desktop interface. What is more, there is the opportunity to click on the names of the players within each contest so that you can get familiar with any stats or news available thanks to RotoWire.

Regarding the navigation, it is good to know that the top bar allows you to reach all relevant details you might happen to need to begin your participation in the contests. You can benefit from the nicely designed FAQ page where you can learn precious pieces of information and advice. The only clarification you may need apart from it relates to what stands behind a 50/50 game. Taking part in a 50/50 game means that the prize pool includes the top half of all the entries with an equal amount for every gamer that has won.

As far as the technology is concerned, it does not require a lot of effort in order get an idea about the usability features. In fact, the information flow is quite intuitive and basic. In this way, you are capable of sorting various data columns, as well as updating your preferred contests via any of the checkbox filters. Although some data tools providing statistics and projections could be integrated into the drafting screen, we must admit that it is actually simple and innovative in comparison to specific competitive daily sites.

As we already mentioned above, Fanduel provides its users with the possibility of utilizing the mobile application. And what is more, even if for any reason you are not able to benefit from the app, you can still go to the mobile site that is considered to be an extremely qualitative and user-friendly alternative to it.

Swag Week, Playboy And Dallas Baseball Championship

Based on the type of sport you are interested in there are some additional attractions you can‘t afford to miss. This section of the Fanduel Review aims at providing you with an overview of three factors of them that stand out.

If you happen to be a daily fantasy basketball player, pay attention to the next section of the review. You will not regret it! It is about the so-called Swag Week which is an event taking place in the second week of March and includes four contests thanks to which you have the possibility of winning both cash and amazing prizes. As long as you have joined the three initial contests, you can also benefit from free access to the last one. So, do not hesitate a second, but act!

Let us share some more details about the initiative by taking this edition as an example. On the 7th of March, there was the $5 NBA Assist tournament that served as a start of the first week‘s contests. What took place two days later was the $10 NBA Big Double Up which was accessible for anyone who belonged to the very first 1150 people who have paid the required entry fee. Finishing in the top 500 with the daily fantasy basketball roster on the 9th of March has enabled players to receive a $20 deposit and to get their money doubled. As far as the third contest of Swag Week is concerned, it is the $25 NBA Slam tournament that took place on the 11th of March. What is specific about it, is that based on some of the entries made the payouts vary regardless of which gamer‘s chances of winning big remain guaranteed.

find a lot of great offers at fanduel reviewFanduel shows that over $5000 were given out as part of the final free play contest on the 14th of March. What is amazing is that as long as gamers finished first and third, they were capable of benefitting from the opportunity to receive an autographed basketball memorabilia of their choice. Also, finishing among the first ten meant that gamers could earn an authentic NBA jersey of any player they choose. Furthermore, a free entry in the $1M NBA Mega Slam tournament that was due to happen on the 30th of March was given to anyone who managed to finish in the top 30. Finishing as one of the first 35 provided gamers with free entry to a $10 daily fantasy basketball tournament on the 16th of March and if you had been one of the top 45, you would have received at least a free $5 tournament entry on the 16th of March 16. Last, but not least, there was a free $2 or $1 tournament entry only to be used on the 16th of March for all gamers in the top 120.


Playboy Baseball Championship is another event worth your attention at this Fanduel Review, especially if you happen to be a fan of baseball. What stands behind it is the chance to benefit from the opportunity to be part of a spectacular party at the Playboy Mansion that is considered to be one of the most amazing US buildings the access to which is quite limited. The FanDuel League is the one providing this breath-taking reward to 70 gamers in addition to $750,000 that are paid out in cash. Due to the exclusivity of the championship, there is the need to participate in a qualifying tournament as a way of winning the entry. What is relevant regarding the qualifying tournaments is that they take place on a daily basis until the end of May and the cost they are associated with amounts to $200. However, if we take into consideration that the value of the trip package available as a prize is $3,200, this investment seems more than reasonable, doesn‘t it? What is included in the package is a $700 airfare credit for plane tickets to LA, a two-night stay at W hotel in Westwood, as well as entry into two private parties taking place at the Playboy Mansion. Impressive, right? On the 5th of June there is going to be a reception, and as far as the championship viewing party is concerned, it is scheduled for the next day and will include catered food and drinks, huge high-definition video screens for the baseball games, poolside lounge, as well as multiple additional fun activities. Apart from this exceptional trip, the entrant who manages to score the highest amount of points with the roster from players they have created on the 6th of June will be awarded $100,000. The second person in the ranking will win a payout of $60,000, and the prize of the third one amounts to $40,000. The minimum amount you are about to win if you happen to be one of the top five equals $25,000. And if you are part of the top ten, you will get at least $15,000. The most amazing part is that even finishing last in the Playboy Baseball Championship will still bring you $5,000. It sounds almost too good to be true, yet do not lose precious time, but join as soon as possible to become one of the lucky winners.


can fanduel gamblers compete at dallas fantasy sportsDallas Baseball Championship is another championship we will have a look in our Fanduel Review. It started on the 6th of April and lasted until the 15th of April. The prize pool amounted to $200,000, and during each day there was one qualifier who managed to earn a spot. $3,000 is the value of the Dallas trip packages given to all the top ten players, including a $700 airfare credit for a round-trip ticket to Dallas. After having been chauffeured to the Hotel, the winners were expected to join a Dallas-area professional baseball game on the 15th of May, as well as the Fan Duel Saturday Championship viewing party at a top Dallas sports bar.

All the finalists can be chosen just one time and based on fair play. The 10th place winner‘s award amounts to $6,000; the next four winners get $1,000 additionally depending on their placement: ninth wins $7,000, eighth collects $8,000, etc. All in all, the amounts of money paid out as prizes are quite astonishing, aren‘t they?


In the following section, we are about to mention some of the most crucial partnerships that Fanduel can tell us about (daily fantasy golf isn’t included). Even though fantasy sports exist since more than thirty years, now is considered to be the time when a specific boom in popularity can be observed. New markets have been created and penetrated, and as far as partnerships are concerned, they include both NBA (the National Basketball Association) and separate teams. For sure the four-year partnership with the NBA is the most impressive one on the list providing FanDuel with the status of the only daily fantasy site featured at NBA. There are also various NBA franchises like the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and the Orlando Magic with which FanDuel has signed individual agreements. Fanduel is an official sponsor of the Brooklyn Nets and as such the site is responsible for buying tickets and paying them forward to local organizations while the other side ensures massive media coverage and exposure. The same benefit is provided by Dallas in addition to a GM Fantasy Sweepstakes. The agreement with the team is not surprising taking into consideration how open-minded and exploratory the owner Mark Cuban is. When it comes to Orlando Magic, the daily fantasy site is considered to be their third-biggest marketing partner or more precisely their apron floor sponsor. Despite the regular one-year duration of the agreement, there is a chance of prolonging it for two more seasons. The partnership with Chicago provides FanDuel with exclusive access to live team statistics posted on all Bulls’ social media sites while each game is taking place in exchange to sponsoring sweepstakes on the team website awarding winners Bulls merchandise. Last, but not least, FanDuel also has partnerships with the Cleveland, the Lakers, and the Knicks, each of which offers different terms more or less aiming at increasing the exposure of FanDuel and positioning it virtually as the fantasy site to choose.

what are the partnerships of the fanduel sportsbookWhen talking about partnerships, it is worth mentioning that there is one significant partnership also in the National Football League. The team‘s name is the Washington Redskins, and the agreement provides the company with signage at FedEx Field during Redskin games, as well as mentions on social and digital media. Taking into consideration the fact that other teams like Commissioner Roger Goodell are also in search of strategies to increase their income, it would be no wonder if more and more of them go for daily fantasy sport and approach FanDuel.

Even if FanDuel is considered to be a giant in the industry, the customers that Fanduel has succeeded in attracting since its establishment amount to over 2 million or 2% of the overall fantasy sports base. This means that there is plenty of room on the market that can be utilized. Having that in mind, it is not a coincidence that venture capital firms have already invested the remarkable total sum of $88 million into the company. When we talk about the potential for growth, it is interesting to take a note of the fact that the majority of users are women. Even if this might sound counter-intuitive at first, this is good news for FanDuel since female customers are associated with the willingness to invest a much shorter period than a season-long commitment. And this is where daily fantasy sports can be of service.


Last, but not least, let us say few words about the quality of support provided by the daily fantasy site of Fanduel. Despite the fact that its reputation is not remarkable, the company has put a lot of continuous effort into making the process of contacting them as easy as possible. There is a support button you can find in a help drop down menu to the left of your username. As we mentioned previously, the section with frequently asked questions covers a significant amount of what you need to keep in mind regarding deposits, withdrawals and bonuses, rules and scoring, and gameplay and opponents. In case you can‘t find the answer to the question you have, there is still the possibility of asking for support by using a hyperlinked email or submitting a support ticket. And as far as reaching for support via the mobile site is concerned, it can also be done easily and in no time.


is betting money online at fanduel legalLet us spend just a few more moments answering a frequently asked question. There are a lot of people who wonder whether playing at FanDuel is legal. The answer to that question is that it is, in fact, legal as long as the Fantasy sports are not included in the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act which forbids gambling because it is considered to be a game of skill rather than a game of chance.

Final Words

Based on all that we covered in the review it is easy to make the conclusion that FanDuel is, in fact, a great choice when it comes to daily fantasy sites. So, don‘t waste a minute and start playing by signing up and making a deposit of only $10 or as much as you can afford so that you can benefit from getting your bonus maximized. We wish you good luck, hoping that this Fanduel Review has helped you make the next step in the world of daily fantasy sports!

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