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Read the Draftkings Review for Fantasy Betting

Welcome to the Draftkings Review. You should read this article if you want to know everything about the top operator in the DFS industry! The review is structured so that you can get an overview of the site. This includes how to play, what types of sports are available, what you need to keep in mind about the website experience and legalities, as well as some extra details that might be useful while playing. You will be guided step by step, so hopefully, you will find the material helpful and easy to grasp. We have written it in a way that it could be understood by newbies to daily fantasy sports.


Rating: 5.0/5

Free cash game

We know how confusing it can be to start something new. It can feel as if everyone but you seem to get along and manage to make the most out of the playing process. And at the same time, you struggle to see the big picture. However, we can ensure you that since daily and weekly fantasy sports have recently become very popular, playing can require a change. Particularly, for gamers who have participated in fantasy sports for a long time. There are some specifics to pay attention to as far as daily, and weekly contests are concerned.

Overview of the Draftkings Review

Let us start our introduction of DraftKings by outlining some basic facts you might not know. The official website of DraftKings where you can find further details that are not included in the current review is DraftKings. The company is situated in Boston, MA, US, and the precise address is 225 Franklin St, 26th Floor, Boston MA 02110. One of the advantages of using DraftKings include the fact that all contests are legal. Moreover, making your first deposit provides you with access to a free ticket to a contest. Not only is the website functional, easy to navigate, secure and reliable, but there are attractive prize pools, a huge variety of contests in different sports, buy-ins, promotions and payment options. The number of users of Draftkings is immense. In fact, in 2017 the site was announced to be the second largest site for online daily fantasy sports. This is understandable considering the televised commercials and benefits you get.

How to Play at Draftkingshow gamblers can play at draftkings

After we have gained an overview of the daily fantasy site let us continue by going through the steps of the playing process. These include signing up, making a deposit, choosing a contest to join, selecting a team of players, understanding the logic behind scoring, keeping track of your account, and withdrawing your winnings.

Step 1: Signing up

Before you start with a wager (on a game of the NHL) the first step to take as you can guess is to sign up. Unless you do so, there is no way of taking part in the games at Draftkings. You do have to register. However, it is nice that it doesn‘t take any effort if you do not live in a state in which gambling is forbidden. Later on, in the review, we will cover the legality issue. The good news is that signing up and registering doesn‘t cost any money. And as you will see later on, there is the possibility of even playing some contests for free. To sign up, just go to the site and click on the orange button “SIGN UP“. It will transfer you to the page where you can create your account. As part of the process, you will be asked to select a preferred username, the state of residence and password. Have in mind that you can‘t introduce changes to the username, later on, so make sure you choose it wisely. It is also the way in which you will be presented in front of the rest of the players. When it comes to the password, it is worth ensuring that it is secure. This is because you will make real cash deposits via your account. Once you are ready with that, confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you are familiar with the terms of use. The only thing left to do then to complete the process of signing up is to click on the button labeled “REGISTER”.

Step 2: Make a Deposit

After signing up, you will be lead to a page where you will see some dollar figures and bonus amounts. Take a note that there is no need of selecting any dollar figure. Instead, have a look at the right part of the screen. There you will come across a box thanks to which you will be able to make your deposit. It is very easy to deposit money at DraftKings. You have many options to choose from as far as sums are concerned: $25, $100, $250, $600 and “Other”. If you go for other amounts, you will have the chance to deposit any sum between $5.00 and $2,000. In case you would like to increase the maximum limit, you can also do that by following the instructions provided on the page. No matter what amount of money you have decided to deposit, you will end up getting a ticket. And as we mentioned earlier, there is a free ticket to any contest that you get as long as this is your first deposit. Before you choose between the cash games or other offers, make sure you understand the guard requirements. This way you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Once you deposit, you will see your account balance listed near your username. Keep in mind that all the money will remain the same until the moment you join a real cash contest. And at the same time, you are free to withdraw it out at any given time from the game of golf, football, hockey and so on.

what deposits and free entries does draftkings offerYou might have questions about the acceptable payment methods. You can choose between three available options for funding an account. The first one is via a credit card that can be Visa or MasterCard. The second option is to use PayPal. And the third one is going to the payment platform for transferring funds online: Dwolla. If you choose a credit card, you will need to provide the usual card details (type, number, expiration date, CCV). Also, your mailing address and phone number in order for Draftkings to identify you. If, you prefer to fund your account via PayPal, the only thing you need to do is to click on the button for that purpose. What you will notice in this case is that a big button, called “DEPOSIT“, will pop up and replace the previously mentioned card details to be filled. Before making the deposit, it needs to be authorized, and PayPal will enable you to do so once you click the button. After you have completed your authorization, you will find yourself automatically transferred back to Draftkings, and the amount you have deposited will appear to next to the heading labeled “BALANCE” that is to be found at the top right of the screen. Last, but not least, let us outline why it is worth considering using Dwolla as a payment method, as well. The main benefit has to do with the fact that the platform can be used both via a web browser or a smartphone which makes it a preferred option for players who do not have credit cards or PayPal accounts.

Step 3: Enter a Contest

After you have made your deposit, it is time to select a contest you would like to enter. As we said, every process at DraftKings is run in a way that makes it easy, smooth and effortless. Picking up a contest is no exception. What is more, there is a wide range of game options when it comes to 100% of the sports that are in season. In general, the list of available sports includes football (NFL and College), basketball (NBA and College), baseball (MLB), MMA (UFC fights), golf (PGA), racing (NASCAR races), soccer (EPL and UEL), as well as eSports (League of Legends).

To get an overview of what is currently available, it is advisable to get familiar with the daily and weekly fantasy games. Near the top of the screen, you will notice four tabs. The one you need to click on is called “LOBBY”. Scrolling down will enable you to have a look at all contests in the list. To sort the games, you can use the criteria included in the advanced filters drop down menu: next start, field size, entry fee, as well as my contests.

how to enter a contest and draft your teamWhat makes us consider the way games are presented very intuitive at Draftkings has to do with the fact that every line indicates the necessary entry fee, the number of entries, the prize pool, as well as a countdown thanks to which you have a constant idea about the time when each contest is due to start. “MY CONTESTS” will help you see the games you have joined so far. Keep in mind that there are a lot of games which are multi-entry and free with ticket. This means that you can get tickets by competing in diverse contests. And if you are looking for games with a low entry fee, select the “ENTRY FEE” column label which will help you see the freerolls and $1 contests displayed at the top.

Also, pay attention to the nine tabs below the advanced filter that allow you to filter the contests by your preferences: GPPs, qualifiers, head-to-head, 50/50, leagues, multipliers, steps, beginner and live. To check only for games with a guaranteed prize pool, you will need to select the tabs “50/50” or “HEAD-TO-HEAD” or “50/50”. And by clicking on the “LIVE” tab, you can check various games that are currently taking place which makes them accessible for viewing but not for entering. There are differences between the various types of contests. For instance, games with guaranteed prize pools always go live regardless of the fact if they have reached their maximum capacity or not. In comparison with them, contests without a guaranteed pool get canceled at the starting point unless they have been filled. If you happen to have entered such a game, you can be sure that even if it is canceled, you will receive back your entry fee. This policy is typical for daily fantasy as a result of the UIGEA legal requirements.

When it comes to the way in which the prize pools get distributed at the end of the contests, you can check the pop-up box of Draftkings. No matter what kind of a payout schedule is available, it is critical for it to be presented in a crystal clear way so that players can easily grasp it. For you to get an overview, let us share that usually, the 1st place might get 35% of the prize pool, the 2nd place – 25%, and as far as the 3-rd, 4-th, and 5-th place are concerned, they will get a specific percentage of the remaining amount.

Step 4: Drafting a Team

The step that needs to be undertaken once you have selected a contest revolves around drafting your team. If you look at the left, you will see all the players you can choose from. Also, you have the opportunity to sort them by position. As you can probably guess, there is a salary you need to pay to draft any player. Thus, it can be quite challenging from time to time to balance between your preferences and the salary cap you can’t exceed. In the process of creating your team, you will be notified about the remaining salary, as well as how much remaining salary dollar amount you can spend on each player on average. The process is complete when you submit your team. In case you decide to join another contest with the same roster it will be helpful for you to keep in mind that you can grab your already constructed roster by using the available import button. The drafting is not much different for competitions like Nascar.

Step 5: Withdrawals

is draftkings safe for making withdrawalsThe next step includes the process of withdrawing your funds. The first thing you need to do to accomplish that is to click on the deposit button. This will lead you to the deposit screen on the left side of which you will notice a withdrawal option. Again, the process of withdrawing is very simple. Keep in mind that the minimum amount you need to have available equals $20. The policy described in the Draftkings Review regarding withdrawing money includes first refunding the original deposit source with the amount you deposited, after which you can get the rest of the funds via PayPal or a check. Make sure you contact the site before you request your withdrawal in case you are no longer able to use the credit card thanks to which you made your initial deposit. When it comes to the average duration of the process via PayPal, you will need to wait between two and seven business days before you are capable of seeing your fund on the account once the withdrawal is processed. As far as checks are concerned, they can also require around a week to get received.

Step 6: Account

Although it can be easy to neglect the importance of the last step we are about to put to your attention, it plays a crucial role since it relates to keeping track of your account. When you close any pop-up boxes and look at the top of the screen, you will see on the right side a graphic that resembles a gear. What you need to do, is to click on it for a drop-down menu to show up and for you to be able to choose the item “MY ACCOUNT“. In this way, you will be provided with all the relevant details about your personal information, account balance, Frequent Player Points, as well as available tickets and your pending bonus. Also, there are many buttons to the right, thanks to which you are capable of making deposits, requesting withdrawals or checking out your account history.

When it comes to the site design, we must admit that Draftkings has managed to introduce a lot of advancements. For instance, the site is easy to navigate, and the process of coming across a contest that meets your expectations is effortless. Generally speaking, the top navigation bar is the place to use to go for any sub-section.

Also, as far as functionality is concerned, there is no doubt that Draftkings stands out from the majority of the daily fantasy sports sites. If you remember, we already talked about how easy and intuitive it is to sort and use the various advanced search features. Also, it doesn‘t take any effort to find the font contrasts, as well as relevant website call outs. What is more, it is highly unlikely that you will face any challenges related to getting an overview of promotions. If there were some recommendations to be made, they would have to do with the fact that key sections like “MY ACCOUNTS” and the FAQ are not visible on the spot and that the button for withdrawing money can‘t be directly accessed.

what are the functions and design of draftkings mobileAbout the design, we can‘t deny that it is much better than the previous version. Not only is it made with style and conveys a premium brand, but you can access the site via all browsers and operating systems, and at the same time the contrast of fonts and colors enable you to notice easily the most relevant elements.

Having in mind that we live in a digital world, it is inevitable for a daily sports site to provide users with the opportunity to a qualitative mobile app. In the case of Draftkings, the mobile app is quite useful especially if you would like to make some deposits, to withdraw money or to introduce a few last minute changes.

Last, but not least, in this section let us say a couple of words about the support that customers of DraftKings can benefit from. Even if the currently available web forms contribute to the problem-solving process, from a user perspective, it is much more convenient also to be able to ask for help via live chat or telephone.


When it comes to daily fantasy sports sites, people often ask themselves whether playing is legal. If you are also interested to know that, keep in mind that it is forbidden in a few US states because of the understanding that unlike casino and gambling sites it is rather based on skills than on luck. This is how this law became part of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act related to online gambling websites in the US.


In the coming section, we will focus on some of the current promotions available at Draftkings. The first one is the Fantasy Baseball Bracket Challenge that was due to take place at the end of August and features 64 qualifiers, a prize pool of $500,000 and a winner payout of $100,000. Unlike other contests, you need to win a qualifier to ensure your participation. And there are two ways to join a qualifier: by entering one, which costs between $33 and $1000, or via satellite, which requires an investment of between $0.25 and $100. However, only winning a direct qualifier will enable you to become one of the 64 participants in the 64-team Bracket Challenge. Whoever wins the additional tiebreaker playoff contest, ensures its place for the main event. Still, one player can only win up to 2 out of 64 seats. After 100% of the spots are taken, what takes place is single eliminations of head-to-head competition. This is the format when or comes to the first four rounds. Then, the semifinals and championship include three series. If you ask yourselves what makes it so attractive to join this challenge, take a note that each player with a spot in the field of 64 is going to win at least $2,500 guaranteed.

Apart from being one of the giants regarding one-day fantasy sports leagues, Draftkings have also started the process of bringing their innovative leagues to e-sports. For those of you who might not be aware of what e-sports are about, let us clarify that they consist of competitive competitions between the best video game players worldwide, which enable even regular players to win big in a short period. “League Of Legends” is the name of the only game that Draftkings intends on offering for esports so far. To join such a league, you will need to draft one team of eight people: one player for each of the top, jungle, mid, ADC and support roles, as well as two flex roster spots. You need to have in mind that you can’t pick up over four players from the same team and that the members of your team need to come from minimum two different games. And when it comes to the salary cap, it amounts to $50,000.

which are the best promotions at draftkingsWhatever daily fantasy contest you would like to successfully participate in, you need to be clear about the scoring system. In the case of esports, you get 3 points per kill and 2 points per assist on a kill. Creep kills provide you with a 0.02 bonus each. A 2 point bonus go hand in hand with having a player whose kill/death ratio is higher than 10. And as far as losing players is concerned, pay attention to the fact that each dying player brings you a loss of 1 point.

Also, there is a difference between the ways in which teams and individual players win points. Teams get 1 point for a Turret, 2 points for a Dragon, as well as 3 points for a Baron. A first blood bonus of 2 points goes to the team that manages to score the very first kill in the specific game. The award you get as a player if your team wins a match amounts to 2 points. And if this victory is achieved in less than 30 min, there is an additional bonus of 2 points.

Both individual players and teams can win bonus points for an early “best-of” series and every game that did not require playing in the series bring 20 points to the players and 15 points to the teams.

To Sum Up

After having gone through the basic sections that are an inevitable part of each daily fantasy site review, let us summarize the main points related to the evaluation of our Draftkings Review. The reason to bet there are the multiple advantages that are associated with using this site. First, there are attractive on-going promotions. Second, the year prize pool tournaments are incredibly high. Third, the interface is amazing, and the site can be easily accessed via any mobile device. All in all, DraftKings is the place to go if you are searching for a qualitative user experience.

The payout of DraftKings for 2017 is expected to reach the breath-taking amount of more than $1 Billion, providing players with the extraordinary chance to win significant cash prizes. For instance, four players became millionaires only during the first week of last NFL season, and more than $1,000,000 were given to one winner each weekend for the next ten weeks. Having in mind that this year the site has improved and grown tremendously, we can only imagine what kind of scale it is about to achieve. What else can we expect when, for instance, more than 20,000 gamers compete in daily NBA contests where prizes are mind-blowing, and buy-ins are insignificant? Let us take one of the March contests as an example, where a buy-in of $3 could have provided you with access to a $65,000 guaranteed prize pool a 24,900 person field.

can you sum up the best about the draftkings review

There are a huge variety of sports included in the portfolio of Draftkings, and within each category, you can choose from multiple gaming options from head-to-head contests, 50/50s, and GPPs. When it comes to buy-ins, there are both affordable ones (free or $0.25), as well as more expensive ones (up to $1000), so that each type of player can find the best alternative based on their needs. After the immense success of the Millionaire Maker contest in NFL, thanks to which a buy-in of $27 brought the winner a prize of $1 million, it was also introduced to the PGA game.

As we mentioned in the sections above, it does not take any effort to navigate the website as a result of the highlights, the filters and the tabs for sorting. Even though you can only download the mobile app by visiting the DraftKings site, the application simplifies a lot the process of following your live contests or joining new ones.


There are various contests you can join on a daily basis with various prize pools ranging from $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool to 1 on one battle with a $2 payout. Still, the highest amount of users is measured during the weekends. The more you play money games, the more “FPP” or Frequent Player Points you get additionally. However, you can try out games for free before making a real cash deposit. As far as loyal clients are concerned, they also get awarded by DraftKings with bonuses that can be both participation in money leagues and prizes.

Unlike most sites that slow down tremendously once the NFL season is over, there is always a lot of action at DraftKings. As we said, you can choose from all types of major sports including Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, MMA, thanks to which an high number of contests is constantly available for you to join. This is what having a choice truly means, isn’t it?

Taking all that we listed into consideration, we can conclude that DraftKings is one of the best daily fantasy sports sites if not the best. Whether you share this opinion or not, we wish you good luck and hope that this Draftkings Review has supported you in the process of building a solid foundation for choosing the site that will meet your expectations and needs to the fullest!

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