Selection-Everything You Need To Know.

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What is Lamarckism?

Lamarckism is a theory about nature). It suggests that animals acquire characteristics based on use or disuse, rather than through genetic changes. Giraffes stretch their neck to make them longer. The offspring of these animals would inherit longer necks as a result of their parents' efforts. Adrian says that if you tried to stretch your neck for 10 minutes each morning, you would end up with a long neck. Your children would not inherit it. That is where the theory fails. '.

What is an adaptation?

An adaptation is a physical or behavioural characteristic that helps organisms to survive. Some characteristics of an animal are not adapt e d.i t is possible for adaptation to be co-opted for another purpose. The use of feathers for flight was an adaptation for thermoregulation. Feathers are an ex apt at I on for flight, not an adaptation. The tough exterior of the calabash fruit is an example of an adaptation becoming outdated). The Gomphotheres, a family of elephant-like animals, are thought to have evolved to avoid being eaten by this gourd. The fruit's adaptation no longer has a survival benefit since the animals went extinct around 10,000 years ago. The calabash fruit has a tough exterior. The adaptation is outdated and not the only because of evol uti on.i t is possible for species change to be caused by neutral mutations that have no benefit to an individual.

How dense is the plant?

There is a description on the imag e.i t is very difficult to touch the main stem of a dense plant. The plants have dense branches. The spread of flames within a dense plant is encouraged by a larger amount of fuel packed closely together. Some lavenders, Rosemary and corre as are examples of plants that are sufficiently dense to not be able to see through the plant. May has open branching patterns that make it easy to see through the plant.

Are the leaves waxy or oily?

There is a description on the image. The leaves of plants with a lot of oils and waxes have a strong scent when crushed. The presence of these chemicals contributes to plant flammability. Plants with grey, silver or whitish leaves can have a bloom that can be removed with your fingernail. Wax myrtle and gall berry leaves do not have oil glands. Plants with large amounts of oils and waxes are more dangerous than plants without these chemical s.n o leaves have a waxy coating.


Is the plant deciduous or evergreen?
There is a description on the image. Deciduous evergreen plants drop their leaves once a year and the new leaves have a higher content of water. Plants retain leaves for a long time.